Eluster Richardson’s art strikes a soulful chord. “Uplifting, inspiring, and enlightening,” are words frequently used to describe the experience. This exhibit, The Life of a Quilt, showcases a variety of styled quilts intertwined with individuals and various items illustrated throughout each artpiece.

Eluster Richardson’s May I Have This Dance?

“You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching and create as if you were God with the heavens as your blank canvas. This exhibition, May I Have This Dance? brings the performing art of dancing onto the canvas, which is my stage. By using shapes, forms, line, and colors I’ve captured the rhythm of many cultural dances we’ve grown to love, such as the gracefulness of ballet dancers and expressive story telling of mime artists. Dancers (of all forms) are challenged with connecting their act with their audience. To capture these moments and bring them to the canvas using different mediums was my challenge.

To my audience, I pose the question: “May I Have This Dance?” We may dance onto my canvas, which is my dance floor, through shapes, forms, lines and my ability to create. Let us all dance, enjoy the feel good moment it produces, and live like it’s heaven on earth.”

~ Eluster Richardson