The Youth Cultural Literacy Academic Program (YCLAP) consists of four heritage education components:

  1. Riley’s Kids Afterschool Program
  2. Riley In-school Heritage Lessons
  3. Blended Lives 4-day Cultural Exchange Program
  4. Power-Up Summer Camp Program.

Riley Kids After School Program

Developed in 2002, the Riley’s Kids After School Program consists of selected fourth graders from John Riley Elementary School. This program specifically highlights literacy through cultural exposure by extending the learning outside of the traditional school setting. Our curriculum allows us to incorporate the Florida Sunshine State Standards, while the kids are constantly involve through hands-on activities and experiences.

Riley In-school Heritage Lessons

We believe that history is not merely a collection of knowledge about individual sites, accomplishments, and events but is a broader continuum of human activity that connects past times to the present, shaping visions for the future.

children getting off busesThe Riley Education Director makes visits to schools, gives presentations at community events, and presents to numerous groups on topics that connect people with history and heritage.

We offer training to educators in history and cultural heritage curriculum and lesson plan development, conduct workshops demonstrating basic exhibit fabrication and installation techniques, and make oral and visual presentations about the history and heritage of geographic areas throughout Florida. Through our education programs, we help instill in present and future generations the importance of valuing and preserving the remarkable heritage of Florida.

Blended Lives  4-day Cultural Exchange Program

Started in 2001, the Blended Lives program has hosted 4th grade and selected  high school grade classes from schools in Leon County. This annual program provides vivid cultural & educational experiences for over 2,500 elementary school students, over a 4-day period. The program is hosted by the John Gilmore Riley Center/Museum for African American History & Culture, Inc., Goodwood Museum and Gardens, and the Leon County School District.

Riley Museum summer campPower-Up Summer Camp Program

The Riley Kids Summer Program is a six week summer program which is held annually. It is involved with days filled with events. Their mornings are spent learning the fundamentals like reading, writing, arithmetic, and language arts, and their afternoons were consisted of various activities: a worldwide virtual tour, an ice cream social, arts and crafts, sports tournaments, business building workshops, and in town field trips.