The John Gilmore Riley Center/Museum for African American History & Culture, Inc. is leading the effort to document the contributions and gallantry of African American soldiers in the Civil War. Forming a United States Colored Troops regiment (USCT) to participate in the reenactment of the Battle of Natural Bridge is not just a feel good initiative but a mutual effort, in conjunction with the Natural Bridge Historical Society, to assure the authenticity and accuracy of the battle as it occurred in 1865.

Many people  are not aware that African American Soldiers fought and led the charge in The Battle at Natural Bridge. These brave warriors were the men of the 2nd and the 99th Regiments United States Colored Troops (USCT).

The Regiment meets every first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at the John G. Riley Center/Museum Visitor Center.  For information on how to join the USCT regiment or to contribute to the effort, please visit their website or contact Jarvis Rosier- Sergeant Maj. U.S. Army Retired.

Check out the future events where this USCT Re-enactment group will be participating throughout the year!