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Uncrowned Queens book cover Uncrowned Queens: Our Matriarchs of Courage
Written by: Althemese Barnes

A publication based on research of African-American women in Leon County who contributed in the areas of education, community service, civic and social life and religious endeavors.

Suggested Price: $15.00

Welcome to the A! book cover Welcome to the A!
Written by: Denise Powell

Welcome to the A! is for anyone even thinking about moving to the ‘Capital of the South’—Atlanta, GA. You need Welcome to the A! if your answer is “yes” to 1 or 3 questions:

Are you trying to decide if moving to Atlanta is the right move for you?
Learn the five questions you must ask and get the answer to before moving.

Have you already decided to move?
Get quick access to the resources you need to get moved in.

Are you already an ATLien?
Find more fun and opportunities for FREE and cheap, and learn take steps to becoming a part of Atlanta life and leadership.Your experience reading Welcome to the A! and exploring what you learn about the great city of Atlanta will be eye-opening, inspiring, and if you’re not careful, life changing.

Suggested Price: $13.00

The Proctors book covers The Proctors: Roots, Branches, Voices

  • A John G. Riley Signature Collection
  • History of a Prominent Florida African American Family – Antonio, George, John and Bahamia and a Seldom Spoken Phenomenon of Slavery-Family Separations
Suggested Price: $25.00

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A Good And Kindly Heart book cover A Good And Kindly Heart: The Amazing Life of Dr. Alpha Omega Campbell, 1887-1977

  • by Laura McLoud Bell
  • A biography on Alpha Omega Campbell – a man of color that dealt with the challenges of living in a segregated America with grace, dignity, and determination.
Suggested Price: $15.00

 African American Education in Leon County, Florida African American Education in Leon County, Florida: Emancipation Through Desegregation, 1863-1968

  • by Debra Herman and Althemese Barnes
  • Trace the history of the nearly 50 one-room school houses that were the centers of black education from the Civil War to the desegregation of the public school system. 
Suggested Price: 20.00

Black America Series: Tallahassee, Florida Black America Series: Tallahassee, Florida

  • by Althemese Barnes and Ann Roberts
  • Vintage photographs, detailed captions and transcribed oral histories document the extraordinary accomplishments of Tallahassee’s African American citizens from 1865-1954.
Suggested Price: $19.99

bLACK bARBERING Black Barbering in Tallahassee: A Capital City History

  • by Ann Roberts and Althemese Barnes
  • Stories from the Barber’s Chair: From Frenchtown, to Smokey Hollow, to “Rat Row,” the Shade Tree, Springfield, Downtown, and the Hills of Florida A & M University
 Suggested Price: $25.00

Blended Lives: An American Family's Journey from Bondage To Triumph Blended Lives: An American Family’s Journey from Bondage To Triumph

  • This book provides an example of what happened to the families after the Civil War, specifically on the lives of the owners of Tallahassee’s Goodwood Plantation and their slaves and servants. 
Suggested Price: $5.00

Colored News In Tallahassee Colored News In Tallahassee: 1855-1970

  • Articles from local newspapers when Negro, Colored, Black news was reported in a segregated section.
Suggested Price: $10.00

20141027_104324-1 Florida’s Forgotten Legacy: Segregated Black Secondary Schools

  • by Mae. O. Clemons, Ph.D
  • A compilation of information focusing on about 125 segregated black secondary schools, thus preserving the legacy of these schools in Florida that were before Brown vs. Board of Education. 
Suggested Price: $25.00

Hidden Sagas: Stories of Florida's African American Experience Hidden Sagas: Stories of Florida’s African American Experience

  • A project sponsored by Florida Humanities Council contains oral histories documenting the history of African Americans and their experiences during the 40’s-60’s in the segregated counties of Suwannee, Jefferson, Gadsden, and Madison. 
Suggested Price: $10.00

20141027_103125-1 Historic Frenchtown: Heart and Heritage in Tallahassee

  • by Julianne Hare
  • Describes the changes of Frenchtown in Tallahassee from the Native Americans to the Civil Rights Era. The story included major landmarks, some of which can still be seen today.
Suggested Price: $25.00

20141027_103101-1 I Have Never Lived In America

  • by David Dukes
  • A memoir of David Duke’s fight for Civil Rights in Florida: Madison, Havana, Mayo, Monticello, and Miami. He describes his participation in sit ins and support for human rights for blacks in the United States.
Suggested Price: $10.00

20141027_103138-1 In Their Own Words: African American Oral Histories Leon County, Florida

  • by John G. Riley Center/Museum for African American History & Culture
  • A booklet filled with oral histories that are connected to the communities featured in the Leon County Heritage Trail maps.
Suggested Price: $10.00

 no image available Landmarks and Legacies: A Guide to Tallahassee’s African American Heritage, 1865-1968

  • by Tameka Bradley Hobbs and William Guzmán
  • Provides a brief description of the people and places that contributed to the rich cultural legacy of the city of Tallahassee.
Suggested Price: $8.00

20141027_102916-1 Leon County Heritage Trail maps and a supplemental oral history booklet

  • Maps that contain the most significant landmarks and historic sites in the county.
Suggested Price: $8.00 (for 4 maps and the booklet)

51dAOtksW1L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Obi: Seminole Maroon Freedom Fighter

  • by Martha R. Bireda with illustrations by Ann Shively
  • Obi: Seminole Maroon is a fictionalized account of the daring escape of a 15 year old enslaved young man and his friends from a cotton plantation in South Carolina who find refuge among the Seminoles of Florida.
Suggested Price: $15.00

Out of the Past, A Noble Leader book Out of the Past, A Noble Leader

  • by Julianne Hare with illustrations by Carolyn Cohens
  • Young readers learn about John Gilmore Riley’s life from his childhood in slavery to his life as a community leader and educator. The book compliments the CD ROM.
Suggested Price: $5.00

Times Remembered

  • by Althemese Barnes and Juliette Fisher
Suggested Price: $25.00

Untitled More than Just a Place – Part II of the Smokey Hollow Story

  • by Julianne Hare and Althemese Barnes
  • This new publication highlights the historical architectural landscape survey and vivid reflections of former residents who once called Smokey Hollow home
 Suggested Price: $32.99

They Led the Way

  • By Ann Beasley Schierhorn
  • Photos by David LaBelle
  • The students who desegregated the schools in Florida’s capital went on the be lawyers, teachers, a doctor and a businessman.


Suggested Price: $5.00

BookCover6x9_Junebug_2 Junebug and the Gumbo Garden

  • by Tameka Bradley Hobbs
Suggested Price: $10.00

no image available Footsteps to Freedom Suggested Price: $10.00


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