Riley Archives

Tallahassee Community College has partnered with the John Gilmore Riley Center/Museum for African American History & Culture, Inc. to house a vast number of collections that will allow you to be exposed to the history of African Americans in Florida, as well as Florida history, from the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement. Scholars of all disciplines will find the archives to be a unique and helpful resource. The TCC Riley Museum Archive gives educators the opportunity to bring a unique resource to their college classrooms.

Contents of the Archive

  • African American Studies
  • The African American Heritage Trail
  • American Missionary Association
  • The Antebellum South/ Slavery (1800-1865)
  • Black Abolitionist Papers
  • Black Beaches (1935-1997)
  • Black Churches
  • Black Newspapers
  • Cemeteries Collection
  • Civil Rights Collection (1982-1999)
  • Dissertation and Theses Collection
  • Emancipation Essays Collection
  • Family Reunion Planning
  • Florida A & M University Collection
  • First Lincoln High School (1876-1970)
  • Florida Black History
  • Florida Black Schools
  • Florida Heritage Education
  • Florida History
  • Gadsden County Communities
  • Genealogy
  • Geraldine Johnson Collection
  • Grant Writing Collection
  • Harper’s Weekly Collection (Dec. 29, 1860- Dec. 21, 1861)
  • Historic Building and Places
  • Historic Tallahassee
  • John G. Riley House Museum
  • Midwives Collections (1951-1979)
  • Leon County Schools
  • Multicultural Studies
  • NAACP Collection
  • Oral History
  • Organization and Clubs
  • Phylon Journals
  • Tallahassee Communities
  • Thelma T. Gorham Collection

Collections and Documents are available at the Riley Archive, located on 2nd Floor of the Tallahassee Community College Library. Materials are non-circulating; users do their research in the archive facility. Materials may be photocopied. For more information, click here to go to TCC/Riley Archives.