Riley Kids After-School Program

Riley’s Kids at “Renaissance Park” in Marianna, FL.Teaching good community stewardship and citizenship by broadening horizons through cultural exposure while improving academic performance.

Riley’s Kids highlights literacy through cultural exposure. The beauty of literacy is that it’s multidisciplinary, allowing for the exploration of a wide range of topics while enhancing reading, writing and speaking skills. Whether engaging in studies on water quality or participating in an African Drumming class, the Youth Cultural Literacy Academic Program (YCLAP) allows the museum to use current best practices to engage, educate and inspire current and future history enthusiast.

The Riley’s Kids After-School Program consists of 20-30 select fourth grader students attending John G. Riley Elementary School that greatly benefit from an active-learning environment that challenges them to demonstrate marked improvement in their reading, writing and public speaking skills.

Riley’s Kids researching sinkholesIncreasing both functional and digital literacy through heritage education among diverse populations, low-income households and those with limited access to the Internet is essential to improving lives educationally, economically and socially. The JGRCM seeks to assist underserved communities in enhancing literacy skills through an increased knowledge of history and heritage by integrating new technology to engage, educate and inspire.